I'm Ben Card of muto.ca. Welcome to my SDF.org site!
I'm a computer scientist from Alberta, Canada. I use Unix.
I'm a 35mm photographer. I have a Canon EOS Elan 7.

Articles (Plaintext)

* Email: mutoshack@sdf.org
* Mastodon: functional.cafe
* Photos: pixelfed.se
* XMPP: @mutoshack@616.pub
* Gopher: gopher://sdf.org/1/users/mutoshack


Like most people, I read books. I have read a lot on computer science,
but for brevity, here are what I would consider the "Bibles of Computing":
* The Art of Computer Programming (Knuth)
* Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs (Abelson, Sussman)
* The C Programming Language (Kernighan, Ritchie)
* Paradigms of AI Programming (Norvig)
* Operating Systems - Three Easy Pieces (Arpaci-Dusseau)
* The Linux Programming Interface (Kerrisk)

I also read non-computer books (albeit, less of them):
* Socratic Logic
* The New Oxford Guide to Writing (Kane)
* Euclid's Elements
* On the Shoulders of Giants (Hawking... Kind of)
* Dante's Inferno (Dante)
* Prelude to Mathematics (W.W. Sawyer)
* Measurement (Paul Lockhart)
* Dylan Thomas's poems (they're all good)


I don't play computer games too often, but I guess I can have a list 
of my favourites:
* Rayman (1 2 & 3)
* RollerCoaster Tycoon 1
* Vectorman (1 & 2)
* Street Fighter (II & V)
* Bubble Bobble
* Star Wars Episode I Racer

On this note, I'd like to talk about my general software
configuration (for PC). I use 720p instead of 1080p to reduce strain 
on my GPU. I set most shading & texture settings to "medium" or "low". 
People who max out all their games just enjoy wasting electricity.


I don't usually listen to music, except on the weekends. If you're 
looking for something to listen to, try:
* Garbage
* David Bowie
* T.Rex
* The Grateful Dead
* Jukebox the Ghost
* Josh Ritter
* The Shins
* Nuclear Donkey
* RavingKain (my brother)